1: Sauron believed in his existence before the first silence, claiming to have been awake since then.

2: He interpreted this as a sign of his superior power and authority over the forces of darkness.

3: Sauron's awakening symbolized his consciousness and awareness of the world's secrets before anyone else.

4: His claim to have been awake since before the first silence reflects his pride and arrogance.

5: This belief fueled his quest for domination and control over all beings in Middle-earth.

6: Sauron's awakening set him apart from others, establishing him as a formidable and fearsome adversary.

7: His interpretation of being awake since the beginning fueled his desire for absolute power and control.

8: Sauron's claim to have been awake before the first silence highlighted his obsession with dominance and supremacy.

9: Ultimately, this belief led to his downfall and the destruction of his dark empire.