1: Pros of owning a Border Terrier - Loyal and affectionate - Energetic and playful - Easy to train

2: Cons of owning a Border Terrier - Requires regular exercise - Can be stubborn at times - Prone to separation anxiety

3: Suitability with small children - Good with kids if properly socialized - May have high energy levels - Supervision is recommended

4: Benefits of Border Terriers as family pets - Great companions for active families - Alert and protective of loved ones - Relatively low shedding breed

5: Drawbacks of Border Terriers with small children - Tendency to nip or bark - Need consistent training and rules - Not ideal for families with very young kids

6: Tips for raising a Border Terrier with kids - Start socialization early - Provide plenty of exercise - Set clear boundaries and rules

7: Training Border Terriers around children - Teach kids how to interact safely - Use positive reinforcement techniques - Seek professional help if needed

8: Common misconceptions about Border Terriers - Not all are good with children - Not all are suitable for apartment living - Not all are hypoallergenic

9: Final thoughts on Border Terriers as family pets - Make great companions with proper care - Consider lifestyle and family dynamic - Overall, a loving and rewarding breed