1: 1. "Fans are buzzing with excitement over the SDCC teaser trailer for The Rings Of Power"

2: 2. "Twitter users praised the stunning visuals and epic scope of the upcoming series"

3: 3. "Many fans expressed their love for the detailed costumes and set design in the teaser trailer"

4: 4. "Several users were thrilled to see familiar characters and locations from the original books"

5: 5. "The teaser trailer had fans speculating about potential plot twists and character arcs in the series"

6: 6. "Twitter users were impressed by the diverse and talented cast of actors featured in the teaser trailer"

7: 7. "Many fans shared their hopes and expectations for how the series will expand upon the lore of Middle-earth"

8: 8. "Several users were delighted by the references to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy in the teaser trailer"

9: 9. "Overall, the Twitter reactions to the SDCC teaser trailer for The Rings Of Power were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic"