1: Quick Ab Blast Get a strong core with these twenty-minute ab workouts for busy schedules. No equipment needed!

2: Plank Power Strengthen your abs with plank variations that target every muscle in just twenty minutes.

3: Crunch Challenge Master the art of crunches with this intense workout designed for busy individuals.

4: Bicycle Burn Engage your core with bicycle crunches for a quick and effective ab workout.

5: Russian Twist Routine Tone your obliques with Russian twists that can be done in just twenty minutes.

6: Leg Lifts Lite Sculpt your lower abs with leg lifts that are perfect for those short on time.

7: Mountain Climbers Madness Get your heart rate up while working your core with mountain climbers in just twenty minutes.

8: Side Plank Series Strengthen your obliques and core with a series of side planks that require minimal time.

9: Flutter Kicks Fast Burn calories and sculpt your abs with flutter kicks that can be done in just twenty minutes.