1: Get ready to witness the Quadrantid meteor shower, peaking with two shooting stars a minute. Find a dark spot away from city lights.

2: Set your alarm for the early hours of January 3rd for the best viewing experience of the Quadrantid meteor shower.

3: Pack a blanket and some snacks for a cozy meteor watching session under the night sky.

4: Look towards the northern sky to catch a glimpse of the Quadrantids raining down.

5: For optimal viewing, bring a chair or lay back on the ground for a comfortable stargazing experience.

6: Stay patient and keep your eyes peeled for the fast-moving shooting stars of the Quadrantid meteor shower.

7: Avoid using any lights or devices that may obstruct your view of the meteor shower.

8: Capture the magical moment by taking long exposure photos with a camera or smartphone.

9: Share your Quadrantid meteor shower experience with friends and family for a memorable night of stargazing.