1: Alice - The formidable protagonist of the series, known for her unmatched combat skills.

2: Albert Wesker - The cunning and powerful antagonist with enhanced abilities.

3: Claire Redfield - A resilient and skilled survivor, who remains a key figure in the fight against evil.

4: Leon S. Kennedy - A highly trained government agent, known for his courage and sharpshooting skills.

5: Jill Valentine - A seasoned and resourceful member of the team, with expert marksmanship.

6: Nemesis - A formidable foe, with immense strength and a relentless pursuit of its targets.

7: Chris Redfield - A strong and capable leader, skilled in combat and tactics.

8: Ada Wong - A mysterious and skilled operative, known for her agility and cunning.

9: HUNK - A highly skilled and elusive mercenary, feared for his efficiency and deadly precision.