1: "King Charles demands only one thing from Harry and Meghan Markle as they step back from royal duties."

2: "Prince Charles has set clear expectations for Harry and Meghan as they navigate their new roles outside of the royal family."

3: "Amidst royal drama, King Charles hopes for a peaceful resolution with his son and daughter-in-law."

4: "Prince Charles wants Harry and Meghan to prioritize family unity above all else."

5: "King Charles emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and understanding in family relationships."

6: "Prince Charles is determined to find common ground with Harry and Meghan for the sake of the royal family's future."

7: "King Charles values communication and openness in resolving conflicts within the royal family."

8: "Prince Charles's message to Harry and Meghan: Let's work together for a brighter future."

9: "King Charles extends an olive branch to Harry and Meghan, hoping for a harmonious resolution to their differences."