1: Jonathan Owens, the Houston Texans safety, secures a noteworthy victory over the Chiefs.

2: Simone Biles praises Jonathan Owens for his outstanding performance against the reigning champions.

3: The Texans' impressive win has fans buzzing over Owens' standout game against the Chiefs.

4: Owens' stellar performance on the field catches the attention of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles.

5: Biles takes to social media to commend Jonathan Owens for his remarkable game against the Chiefs.

6: The defensive standout's notable victory over the Chiefs earns him praise from Simone Biles.

7: Owens' standout game against the reigning champions has fans and celebrities alike singing his praises.

8: Simone Biles applauds Jonathan Owens for his exceptional performance in the Texans' victory over the Chiefs.

9: Jonathan Owens' impressive display on the field receives high praise from Olympic champion Simone Biles.