1: Uncovering the Infected Blood Scandal Learn about the tragic events that led to a surge in hepatitis C tests.

2: Understanding Hepatitis C Discover the symptoms and risks of hepatitis C and why testing is crucial.

3: Impact on Victims Hear from those affected by the infected blood scandal and their struggles.

4: Importance of Testing Find out why getting tested for hepatitis C is essential for your health.

5: Treatment Options Explore the latest advancements in treating hepatitis C and improving outcomes.

6: Prevention Strategies Learn how to protect yourself from hepatitis C and reduce the risk of transmission.

7: Advocating for Change See how advocacy efforts are pushing for justice for those impacted by the scandal.

8: Resources for Support Find organizations and resources to help victims of the infected blood scandal.

9: Moving Forward Discover how we can learn from the past and work towards a future free from such heinous scandals.