1: Introduction Discover the ultimate plan to bring back Tom Hiddleston in Avengers 6.

2: Loki's Return Explore the potential storyline for Loki's epic comeback.

3: Time Travel Theory Unravel the time travel theory that could bring Loki back.

4: Multiverse Possibilities Delve into the multiverse possibilities for Hiddleston's return.

5: Fan Theories Learn about the top fan theories on how Loki could return.

6: Director's Vision Understand the director's vision for Hiddleston's Avengers 6 comeback.

7: Casting Rumors Get the latest casting rumors surrounding Tom Hiddleston's return.

8: Epic Battles Imagine the epic battles that could involve Loki's return in Avengers 6.

9: Conclusion Get ready for the most anticipated return in Avengers history - Tom Hiddleston's comeback in Avengers 6!