1: Get ready for the Leonid meteor shower this weekend, a stunning celestial display lighting up the night skies.

2: Find a dark spot away from city lights to watch the Leonid meteor shower for the best views.

3: Pack a cozy blanket and some snacks to stay comfortable while watching the Leonid meteor shower.

4: The Leonid meteor shower occurs when Earth crosses paths with the debris of the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

5: Set up a lawn chair or lay on a blanket to gaze at the Leonid meteor shower shooting stars.

6: Keep your eyes on the sky during the peak hours of the Leonid meteor shower for the most activity.

7: Meteor showers like the Leonids are best viewed after midnight when the radiant is high in the sky.

8: Be patient when watching the Leonid meteor shower, as shooting stars can appear sporadically.

9: Invite friends or family to join you in watching the Leonid meteor shower for a memorable experience.