1: Location is key for attracting hummingbirds. Choose a spot with easy visibility and access for birds.

2: Hang feeders near flowers for additional nectar sources. Avoid placing feeders in direct sunlight to prevent spoiling.

3: Mount feeders at least five feet off the ground to deter predators. Use hooks or brackets for secure placement.

4: Place feeders in sheltered areas to protect from wind and rain. Consider using ant moats to keep bugs away.

5: Avoid placing feeders near windows to prevent bird collisions. Clean feeders regularly to maintain bird health.

6: Choose a location with a clear flight path for hummingbirds. Ensure feeders are easy to refill and maintain.

7: Monitor feeder activity to determine the best placement. Experiment with different locations to attract more hummingbirds.

8: Install multiple feeders to accommodate multiple birds. Keep feeders away from bird baths and other distractions.

9: By following these tips, you can determine the best place for your hummingbird feeder and enjoy watching these beautiful birds in your garden.