1: Introduction to rare coins Discover the allure of rare coins and how age factors into their value.

2: Coin grading Learn about the grading system used to determine a coin's rarity based on its age.

3: Factors affecting rarity Explore how age, condition, and historical significance impact a coin's rarity.

4: Threshold for rarity Find out at what age coins typically become rare and sought after by collectors.

5: Ancient coins Delve into the world of ancient coins and the centuries-old specimens that are considered rare.

6: Colonial-era coins Learn about coins from the colonial era that are prized for their historical significance.

7: Nineteenth-century coins Discover how coins from the 1800s are often sought after for their age and rarity.

8: Modern rarities Explore coins from the 20th century that have become rare due to limited mintage or historical events.

9: Investing in rare coins Consider the value of investing in rare coins as both a hobby and alternative asset.