1: "How much does a Yorkshire Terrier cost? Find out the average price for this popular breed."

2: "Factors that can influence the cost of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, like breeder reputation and location."

3: "Tips on saving money when purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier, like adopting from a rescue."

4: "The ongoing costs of owning a Yorkshire Terrier, including food, grooming, and veterinary care."

5: "Where to find reputable breeders and rescues when looking for a Yorkshire Terrier to adopt."

6: "The importance of budgeting for unexpected expenses when owning a Yorkshire Terrier."

7: "How to ensure that you are getting a healthy Yorkshire Terrier for a reasonable price."

8: "The benefits of investing in a well-bred Yorkshire Terrier versus opting for a cheaper option."

9: "Conclusion on the cost of owning a Yorkshire Terrier and the value of a well-priced, healthy pet."