1: Sauron's reveal in Rings of Power impacts Galadriel's journey in LOTR.

2: Galadriel's wisdom is tested as she resists Sauron's corruption.

3: Sauron's reveal forces Galadriel to make difficult decisions.

4: Galadriel's power and grace shine amidst Sauron's darkness.

5: Galadriel's role evolves as Sauron's threat grows.

6: Galadriel's connection to the elves aids in defeating Sauron.

7: Sauron's reveal strengthens Galadriel's resolve to protect Middle-earth.

8: Galadriel's inner strength is revealed in the face of Sauron's evil.

9: Sauron's reveal challenges Galadriel but ultimately empowers her.