1: Zeekr, a Chinese EV maker, sets IPO price at $21 per share before NYSE listing.

2: Investors look to capitalize on Zeekr's potential in the growing EV market.

3: Zeekr aims to raise significant capital through its IPO for expansion.

4: Market analysts predict strong interest in Zeekr's IPO due to its strategic pricing.

5: Zeekr's IPO valuation reflects the company's potential for growth in the EV sector.

6: Investors bullish on Zeekr's prospects as it enters the public market.

7: Chinese EV maker Zeekr attracts attention with its IPO pricing strategy.

8: Zeekr's IPO price signals confidence in the company's future performance.

9: Zeekr's IPO at $21 per share poised for success ahead of NYSE debut.