1: Disney's Hercules remake needs a strong lead. These actors could embody the legendary hero.

2: Kellan Lutz has the physique and charisma to bring Hercules to life.

3: Michael B. Jordan's acting chops would make him a standout choice for the role.

4: Chris Hemsworth's experience in action roles would suit him for Hercules.

5: Zac Efron's charm and versatility could make him a compelling Hercules.

6: Henry Cavill's commanding presence would be a great fit for the hero.

7: Tom Hiddleston's nuanced performances could add depth to Hercules.

8: Idris Elba's gravitas and talent could elevate the character of Hercules.

9: John Boyega's energy and charisma could bring a fresh take to the role of Hercules.