1: Ash's iconic battles against Team Rocket showcase his skill and determination.

2: Ash's battle with Tobias at the Sinnoh League highlights his strategic prowess.

3: His victory over Alain in the Kalos League proves his growth and strength.

4: Ash's battle against Harrison in the Silver Conference showcases his bond with his Pokémon.

5: His intense battle against Paul in the Sinnoh League demonstrates his resilience.

6: Ash's battle with Gary at the Johto League symbolizes his rivalry and growth.

7: His victory against Sawyer in the Kalos League emphasizes his experience and skill.

8: Ash's battle against Gladion in the Alola League showcases his determination.

9: His final battle against Kukui in the Alola League solidifies his title as a Pokémon Master.