1: Harvey Specter - The charismatic lawyer we all love to hate but can't help rooting for.

2: Donna Paulsen - The sassy and smart secretary turned COO who always knows what's best.

3: Mike Ross - The fake lawyer with a heart of gold and a brilliant mind to match.

4: Jessica Pearson - The fierce and fabulous managing partner who can outsmart anyone in the courtroom.

5: Louis Litt - The quirky and lovable lawyer with a penchant for drama and a heart of gold.

6: Rachel Zane - The strong and independent paralegal turned powerhouse attorney who can hold her own.

7: Alex Williams - The ruthless and competitive lawyer who will do whatever it takes to win.

8: Samantha Wheeler - The tough and tenacious lawyer with a mysterious past and a knack for getting things done.

9: Katrina Bennett - The intelligent and ambitious lawyer with a drive to succeed and a heart of gold.