1: Hermit crabs make unique and low-maintenance pets for kids. They are fascinating to watch and easy to care for.

2: Guinea pigs are social and gentle pets that are great for children. They enjoy being handled and make cute squeaking noises.

3: Rabbits are affectionate and playful companions for kids. They can be litter-trained and come in a variety of breeds and colors.

4: Hamsters are small and independent pets that are perfect for children. They are nocturnal and like to run on their exercise wheel.

5: Bearded dragons are docile and easy-to-handle reptiles that kids love. They require a spacious enclosure and a heat lamp for warmth.

6: Fish are colorful and calming pets that can be enjoyed by children. A small aquarium with proper filtration is all that's needed.

7: Parakeets are social and intelligent birds that can be taught to mimic sounds. They enjoy interacting with their human companions.

8: Tortoises are slow-moving and long-lived pets that can be fascinating for kids. They require a suitable enclosure with access to UVB light.

9: Mice are small and curious pets that are entertaining for children. They are easy to care for and enjoy exploring their environment.