1: T'Kuvma: Fanatical leader of the Klingon Empire's separatist movement.

2: T'Pau: Ruled Vulcan with an iron fist; participated in unethical experiments.

3: Sarek: Manipulative, used Spock for political gain; strained father-son relationship.

4: Valeris: Betrayed Federation; part of conspiracy to sabotage peace talks.

5: V'ger: Merged with machine, lost touch with emotions; threatened Earth.

6: Sybok: Rebelled against Vulcan ways, led followers on dangerous quest.

7: Solin: Sought power through deception; endangered Enterprise crew.

8: T'Rul: Infiltrated Romulan government; ruthless operative.

9: Sarin: Used telepathic abilities for personal gain; lacked empathy.